Saw this woman
Not acceptable in society eyes
Surpassing superficiality
She had this smile
This smile she wore on her heart
You could tell by the look on her face
She had waged many wars of the soul

Her eyes tell all
An apostle of life
So free in her spirit
I asked what her secret is
To this serenity
That was so clear to me

She said baby girl
Let me tell you
Being free is peace
Letting go of the insanity
It’ll revolutionize your existence
It doesn’t matter what people say and do
Allow God to love you
It’s true
All that I have to be
We’re talking eternity

Surrounded by mercy and grace
Anything less is not best
Not a practitioner of compromise
I can soar like an eagle
And I can kiss the sky
God smiles
He’s been holding me all the while


I remind myself that
A dream deferred is not a dream denied
All this stress…yeah I wear it like a Versace dress

South of here is battle raging oh yeah
Survival of the fittest wins
One foot in and one foot out
I’m shaking all about

Pregnant with so much life
So many living to kill my light
They fear…no they are terrified how bright it is
Shining day and night

Damn fools tripping,
Surrounding to enable to disable me
Baby I’m free nobody needs to die ask me why
I blink back the tears so nobody sees me cry
If you only knew the pain dancing inside

I know and understand that I wrestle not against flesh
and blood but against principalities, spiritual wickedness
in high places, the battle of the ages, races, smiling
faces, whispers in dark places

My dream, my art that’s my life, my existence oh yes
My dignity of assistance will not be denied
I will do better than just get by, gotta go
Watch me fly to kiss the sky